What to Expect

»Your Visit

When you come for your first appointment, we will provide you with our New Patient Paperwork, but if you prefer to save time, you can access a copy of the forms in advance by clicking on the ‘New Patient Paperwork’ tab on our website and completing them before your visit. In the consultation we will not only review the history of your case but ask other important questions and listen to your answers which will direct us toward the proper diagnosis. Once we have a complete history we will move on to find out whether or not you have a chiropractic problem. If you are found to have a subluxation (a misaligned vertebra), then we will most likely, if appropriate for your case, take x-rays which will then be carefully analyzed by Dr. Taylor. You will then schedule a time to come back for a report of the findings.

When you return for your Report of Findings the doctor will review your case/x-rays and explain what the information we gathered tells us about your body. If further orthopedic/neurological tests are needed it will be addressed at this time. Then, if appropriate based on the findings, you will receive your first chiropractic treatment, which is called an adjustment. From there, the doctor will have an idea of how you should respond to care and will create a plan of care for you which may include adjustments and some kind of therapy or simply chiropractic adjustments depending upon what you need. That plan will be discussed on your next office visit.