»Frequently Asked Questions

What is a subluxation? A subluxation is a bone of your spine that is out of its normal position which causes irritation to the nerves/nervous system in that area. Chiropractors treat subluxations, not symptoms.

What is an adjustment? An adjustment is what the chiropractor does in order to remove a subluxation from your spine. There are many different ways chiropractors can adjust a patient. We utilize two different instruments to adjust the spine in our office- the Atlas Orthogonal instrument and the Activator.

Do adjustments hurt? Generally, no. Most people will experience no pain at all while being adjusted with the techniques we use in our office. Some people may be tender in the area being adjusted and have some soreness or discomfort. We use the Activator and Atlas Orthogonal instruments to adjust our patients. The way we adjust patients is very gentle and specific and does not require any twisting, popping, or cracking of the neck or back.

Do you take my insurance? Even though we do not participate with any insurance companies, we have many patients who have different kinds of insurance and some without any. If you do have insurance, we will gladly fill out the paperwork for you to send in if you wish to submit your claim on your own. Different insurance companies reimburse differently. If you have questions you should call your insurance company to understand your coverage and answer any other questions you may have.

Do you see people who have been in car accidents? Yes. While it is not our main focus to care for those in automobile accidents, we usually have a certain number of patients we do see who are involved in what is called “personal injury” cases. They usually do quite well under our gentle care.

Does anyone else in the area do similar techniques? Many chiropractors use the Activator to gently adjust the spine. However, many more do not. We not only use the Activator to gently correct the spine but we also utilize the Atlas Orthogonal technique and equipment to very precisely determine whether or not and to what degree you have an atlas (the top bone of the neck) subluxation. The closest chiropractor we know of (besides the doctors in our office, of course) who utilizes Atlas Orthogonal with their patients is in Tallahassee. You may also be interested to know that only about 3% of all chiropractors practice similar specific upper cervical techniques (like AO).

What is upper cervical? Upper cervical refers to the top portion of the neck- the cervical spine. For a link to find upper cervical doctors around the United States, go to our Links/Recommended Reading tab.